Autumn – Sep to Dec

Trees change their colours to red, orange and yellow etc while others have the ability to remain green. Leaves begin to fall. Nature prepares itself for winter.

Queen of the North Eastern Swiss Alps
Standing at 2502 metres above sea level, she is known as the queen of the north-eastern Swiss Alps. A cable car ride up to her summit will give you a magnificent view to 5 countries or a view of a sea of clouds hovering over the valleys below, depending on the mood of the weather.

Outdoor and Indoor Mineral Pools
Take a dip in various indoor and outdoor pools at air temperatures between 10 to 18 degrees outside. Yes, it’s possible! Don’t leave your swimming costumes/trunks back home, they definitely want to enjoy the fresh Swiss mountain waters too!

Wild Raspberry-, Blueberry- and Cranberry-Picking
Instead of picking your favourite blueberry, raspberry or cranberry off the supermarket shelf, why not pick them direct from the bushes or shrubs in the Swiss Alps? More fun, right? [Please kindly bring along your own container(s).]

Organic Raspberry-Picking
Organic raspberries are available froms mid-Aug to Oct. [Please kindly bring along your own container(s).]

Goat Herding
See how the older goats lead the yopunger ones from their stalls where they sleep at night to the pastures where they graze during the day. Walk with them and they will show you the way. They know whether to turn right, left or walk straight. They evern know how to cross the road and bridge to get to their graxing ground. (Available in Aug & Sep only.)

Wild Walnut-Picking
Alpine walnuts are waiting to be picked. Eat them with your ice-cream back home or try to back a traditional Swiss Bündner nutpie.

The world famous cartoon ‘Heidi’ originates from Maienfeld, a village in the Swiss countryside. Visit the Heidi village to see the Heidi house with Heidi’s room, attic, living room, celler, kitchen, like it was over 125 years ago. Take a picture sitting next to Heidi or lying in her bed. Heidi souvenirs, postcards, books etc are available at the village shop. Visit also the Heidi fountain.

Rodel Tobogganing
Beginning at an alp (where cattles graze during the summer), the 3.1 km long stretch with its 31 curves and 480 m altitude descend is also the world’s longest toboggan run on rails, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Decide your own speed! (Available: only from Jun to Oct)