Spring – Mar to Jun

It’s springtime! Birds return from their winter migration, you can hear them singing. Trees and plants start budding and spring flowers begin to bloom.

A name familiar to many business people and those interested in politics, this world-renowned town is located in the canton of Graubünden.

It is where 2000 of the world’s most powerful people meet annually in January for the World Economic Forum. Davos is also the highest city of the Alps, i.e. the highest city in Europe.

Apple Blossoms
Trees full of flowers will make you marvel at nature.

Outdoor and Indoor Mountain Spring Mineral Thermal Pools
Take dips in various indoor and outdoor pools at air temperatures between 10°C to 18°C outside. Don’t leave your swimming costumes / trunks back home, they definitely want to enjoy the fresh Swiss mountain waters too!

Cherry Blossoms
The Sakura of Switzerland. The flowers on the trees will remain for 2 weeks only so that pollination can take place. Thereafter, they will drop and the fertilised flowers will grow into cherries.

The world famous cartoon ‘Heidi’ originates from Maienfeld, a village in the Swiss countryside. Visit Heidi village to see the Heidi house with Heidi’s room, attic, living room, cellar, kitchen etc like it was over 100 years ago. Take a picture sitting next to Heidi or lying in her bed. Heidi souvenirs, postcards, books, etc are available at the village shops. Visit also the Heidi fountain.

Hoher Kasten
Located in the canton of Appenzell. A cable car ride up to her summit will give you a splendid view of Austria, Liechtenstein, Germany and of course, Switzerland.

Bear Garlic Picking
Pick bear garlic in the forest. These leaves, which smell like garlic, are used in cooking like how garlic is used – sliced and fried with vegetables or cooked in pasta sauce.

Strawberrry Picking
Instead of picking your strawberries from the supermarket shelf, why not pick them direct from the plant? Organic. Insecticide free. (Season: June, lasts for 3 weeks only.) [Please kindly bring your own container(s).]

Take a boat ride across the largest lake in Germany to a charming little town with terraced streets lined with flowers and half-timbered houses. (Currency used: Euro)

Largest city in the Italian-speaking canton of Switzerland. This third most important banking centre in Switzerland is where the fashionable go to see and be seen. Lugano is known for her beauty in spring because of the flowers that bloom earlier in this region which is relatively warmer than other parts of Switzerland.