Summer – Jun to Sep

Summer in Switzerland can be hot but definitely not humid. You will not feel sticky. Neither do you have to shower three times a day. At times, it can be even as cool as about 12°C in the mornings.

Summer activities include summer tobogganing, wandering along the mountain tracks, swimming in an alpine lake, picking wild alpine berries, eating at a grotto (see below for explanation) and many more. Above all, be amazed at the numerous types of beautiful flowers one is able to see here.

Lunch Picnic at an Alpine Lake
Picnic & swim at a little alpine lake in the mountain. Laze by the lake or hike to a nearby hill (45 min walk) and see ‘alpine pizzas’ along the way. From the peak of that hill, look down to the beautiful and narrow Safien Valley. At Bischola Alp, if the farmers are around, drink or buy back alp milk that comes direct from the cows when they come home from grazing in the meadows. Pick alpine flowers on the way.

Lake Maggiore Swimming
Swim and picnic at the lowest point in Switzerland – Lake Maggiore, situated in Ticino, the Italian-speaking canton of Switzerland. People with private boats come here to enjoy their summer.

Lunch BBQ on a Hill Overlooking a Scenic Valley
Let us take you to a Swiss secret for lunch. Opportunity to walking in the little enchanted woods just beside the BBQ ground.

A grotto is a warehouse where the locals used to store their food before the refrigerator was invented. Grottos have now been converted to summer eating places. Try simple but delicious southern Swiss cuisine. Available from June to September only.

Organic Blueberry-Picking
Have you seen the shrubs which blueberries grow on? See them here in Switzerland, pick them and enjoy them with fresh cream or ice-cream. Or bring them home for baking your favourite blueberry muffins. Organic. Free of insecticide. (Season: starts end of June or beginning of July, lasts for 5 to 6 weeks.) [Please kindly bring your own container(s).]

Organic Raspberry-Picking
Organic raspberries are available from mid-Aug to October. [Please kindly bring your own container(s).]

The world famous cartoon ‘Heidi’ originates from Maienfeld, a village in the Swiss countryside. Visit Heidi village to see the Heidi house with Heidi’s room, attic, living room, cellar, kitchen etc like it was over 100 years ago. Take a picture sitting next to Heidi or lying in her bed. Heidi souvenirs, postcards, books, etc are available at the village shops. Visit also the Heidi fountain.

Summer Tobogganing
Beginning at an alp (where cattles graze during the summer), the 3,100 metre-long stretch with its 31 curves and the 480 metres altitude descent is also the world’s longest toboggan run on rails according to the Guiness Book of Records. Decide your own speed!
(Available: only from June to October)