Winter – Dec to Mar

Snow Crystals
Would you like to see snow crystals? Let us take you to see them! Apart from the usual sight-seeing, the following are highlights of what we do in winter.

Skiing / Snowboarding
Try skiing or snowboarding in the heart of the holiday corner of Switzerland – Graubünden. There are blue (beginner), red (intermediate) and black (advanced) pistes here. Beginners start out at the pony piste. Skis, ski boots and snowboards are available for rental. Check out: Heinzenberg, Lenzerheide (Ski World Cup), Flims / Laax.

Tobogganing / Sledging
This is the ultimate. Those who have difficulty in skiing will definitely enjoy this. You can toboggan with your child sitting in front of you on a 2-seater toboggan. Toboggans are available for rental. Toboggan path with panoramic vistas.

Ice-skate in the open air on a frozen ice field, frozen lake, in the pine woods along a river or in the largest ice-skating rink in the world. Ice-skates and protective gears are available for rental. [More pictures and map of skating route in the woods: (website in German)] (Note: ice-skating in the woods is only for those who can control their skates when going down slopes.)

Wear snow shoes that look similar to tennis rackets and walk in deep snow which may sometimes come up to your knees. Reach a lookout point approximately 45 mins later and have a 360° panoramic view of the Swiss Alps in central Graubünden. Then take out the food and drink which you have packed and have a picnic! Enjoy! (Snow shoes are available for rental.)

Winter Hiking/Walking
Let our certified hiking/walking guide take you on lovely walks on the winter alpine pastures, alpine forests and enjoy the ineffable landscapes. Feel the tranquility while hiking through the nature.

Outdoor and Indoor Mountain Spring Mineral Thermal Massage Pools
Take dips in various indoor and outdoor pools at air temperatures between -20°C to 5°C outside. Don’t leave your swimming costumes / trunks back home, they definitely want to enjoy the fresh Swiss mountain waters too!

Christmas Market
Christmas markets can be found in each town 2 to 3 weeks before Christmas. Christmas gifts, cheese, sausages, air-dried meat etc, all produced by locals are sold here. Try take-away raclette and Glühwein (hot and spiced wine).

Traditional Christmas Carolling
See how Christmas carolling is done in the countryside.

Christmas Tree Light Up
Real Christmas trees are not lighted up with bulbs. See how they are lighted up the traditional way at a little countryside church on Christmas eve or Christmas day.